Monday, May 16, 2022

Hometown, Wendy Rich Stetson, reviewed by Diane Scott Lewis


The fourth in my series of small to medium press book reviews. This is a sweet romance with a hunky Amish man as one of the love interests. Enjoy.

HOMETOWN is full of folksy charm as Tessa fixes up her parents' house after being fired from her teaching job due to budget cuts. 

At the local market, she notices a tall, handsome Amish man. He and his niece sell Tessa's favorite dessert, whoopie pies. His sister, bitter Nora, also bakes delicious pies. And Tessa will require her help, soon.

Tessa has also met the local doctor, Richard, who is definitely interested in her. 

After she hires the Amish man, Jonas, to build a gazebo in her family's back yard, their attraction grows. Now she's torn between two men, one who lives in a different world.

Author Stetson writes with assurance, the emotions of her characters richly explored, detailed nuance throughout. They all have secrets from their pasts that skew their present. I found Richard too pushy from the onset, and Jonas sometimes not strong enough, but he's still a great character. Will he leave his community to forge a life with an outsider? Or should he stay and support his sister and niece after their tragedy?

Amish life is explored as Tessa finds it fascinating and limiting. Should she go with the sexy doctor who offers her a high-level life?

I loved fey Rebecca, Jonas' niece, who dances with fireflies. The late night drive through a storm baffled me since there was no emergency, though it made for great drama.

All the characters rang true for me and I vastly enjoyed this novel. Highly recommended for those who like their romances well-written and sweet.

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Diane lives in Western Pennsylvania with her husband and ne naughty dachshund. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

What Happens in Denver, book review, by Diane Scott Lewis

Here is my latest book review, showcasing small and medium press authors. Enjoy a wild ride into beer brewing and romance.


Andi, who runs a popular bar and beer tasting establishment, is shocked when her husband kicks her out and takes over with his mistress. His actions are horrible. Now she must reinvent herself, with a new job, and eventually a new man.

This isn’t your typical romance. Andi is not attracted to big, burly James at first. He’s not her type. He’s gruff and dismisses her, too. She’s focused on finding a job, though she has to start at the bottom and relocate to a new city.

Well written, with nuance, where even Sloane, Andi’s new friend, is rounded out as a woman who barely nibbles on lettuce, constantly exercises, but runs a business. She’ll need help later. The politics of beer and the history of brewing adds interest to the story. These are two damaged people struggling to love again, wrapped up in making a success of their beer business.

I wish Andi had spent less time moping in the beginning, and over-drinking, instead of making plans to find a new job. Her mom and friend force her to do that. The author shows her experience in the brewing industry. I learned some fascinating facts in this compelling read.

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Diane lives in Western Pennsylvania with her husband and one naughty dachshund. 

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