Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

An Excerpt from my new release, Napoleon's Elysium, by Diane Scott Lewis


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Amelie is caught singing in her garden at St. Helena, a ruse to attract Napoleon's interest. She's shocked when it works. Her father drags her into the house to confront the emperor.

Light-headed, Amélie sucked in her breath and managed a smile. “How do you do, Your Majesty.”

She realized too late the emperor was supposed to speak first. Aware she should curtsy, her mind went blank, leaving her at a loss as to which foot went where. She dipped her head.

“Mademoiselle, the little gardener. Is that you I heard singing so spiritedly out in the courtyard?”

“You did listen? Oh, I’m sorry if I disturbed you, Your Majesty.” She grinned wider and didn’t glance at her father who stood rigid near the door.

“No, no, you misunderstand. You haven’t disturbed me.” Napoleon laughed softly. “I find your voice very interesting. Have you had formal training?”

A rush of awe heated her from the inside out at this praise from the one man their entire world revolved around. Her knees trembled. “Very informal training, Sire, and self-study recently...from the books I borrowed from...I—”

“You learned to sing like that from books?” His sweet smile and flashing blue-gray eyes illuminated his pallid features.

“No I...but I do love to read. You learn so many different things. It opens up the world...” She broke off, ashamed of her babbling, twisting the ribbon under her chin with nervous fingers.

“Quite right, Mademoiselle. Would you mind singing that song again for me, now?”

She blinked at him. “Of course...I wouldn’t mind, Sire.” The idea of singing directly in front of the emperor with her limited knowledge of music made her toes curl in her muddy shoes. A voice in the wind might not sound so melodious in the confines of a house.

“Tres bien. Come into the reception hall. It has the most space.” Napoleon strode from the room.

Passing her father, she barely looked at him as she followed the emperor through the house to the front. The green reception salon was Longwood’s largest chamber. A mahogany billiard table the British had brought up in the first months of their residence took up a fifth of the space. An old piano stood in the far corner. Two lumpy sofas and several chairs slumped against the walls. Two globes, one of the Heavens, one of Earth, flanked the door from the drawing room.

Amélie stood in the realm she’d been eager to explore. The wind rattled the window panes as she felt her nerves rattling beneath her skin.

She hid her dirty hands behind her back and waited for some signal to begin. Napoleon sat and nodded his head.

Amélie anxiously cleared her throat and started to sing. Tentative at first, her voice sputtered and crackled as she grappled for control. Now gathering momentum, she hoped her singing exuded a rich tone. She closed her eyes, trying to regulate her breath, hitting the high drawn-out notes and concentrating on doing her utmost—fearful of making a mistake.

When done, her body quivered at the exertion. She took another slow inhale before meeting the emperor’s gaze.

Diane lives in western Pennsylvania with her husband and one naughty puppy.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

A new release, "Napoleon's Elysium, Desire and Betrayal on St. Helena", by Diane Scott Lewis



I worked over ten years on this novel, in between writing another novel, and starting a third. I kept revising, honing it down to an acceptable word count. I had to take out actual historical personages I wanted to keep, and some of the fictional, which was no great loss. I published it in 2011 under the title Elysium, but this is a totally revamped version thanks to the editorial help of Joanne Renaud, who also painted the beautiful front cover. The cover design is by Karen Ronan.

I hope you enjoy this restructured work.

In 1815, after the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled to Saint Helena. On this remote, volcanic island, Amélie Perrault, the daughter of Napoleon’s head chef, is fascinated with the fallen French Emperor. She’s secretly writing an erotic romance novel, gleaning the finer details from books.
When her beautiful singing voice catches Napoleon’s attention, she is drawn into his clash with their British jailers, court intrigues, and a burgeoning sexual attraction. She’s eager to experience the erotica she writes about.
Napoleon is soured on love, yet this young woman’s devotion tugs at his heart. After political maneuvers fail to release him, he desires freedom no matter the risk—but he regrets deserting the only woman who loves him for himself.
Amélie suspects someone in their entourage is poisoning the emperor. Will she uncover the culprit in time and join in Napoleon’s last great battle plan, a dangerous escape?

Monday, January 2, 2023

Check out a new site for readers, by Diane Scott Lewis

  Her Vanquished Land
Long and Short Reviews:
A well-written story, produced by an author who knows the era. Details of espionage and intrigue keep those pages turning. This is an exciting historical novel well worth the read.

I've recently joined a new site in its infancy, where authors recommend books under a certain heading, along with one of their books. Mine is Courageous Women in Authentic Historical Settings.

There are a plethora of interesting books on this site. Please pop in and check them out. And give Shepherd.com a boost. They are working hard to promote authors. 


Can their love overcome dangerous obstacles? by Diane Scott Lewis

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