Monday, March 28, 2022

Dare Eseld and Robert fall in love again? Excerpt from To Entice a Spy by Diane Scott Lewis


"The author's research into the period shines through in every paragraph of this tale. I was never pulled out of the story by a tidbit that didn't ring true. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, and To Entice a Spy ranks among the best." *Gina Rae Mitchell*

After years of being apart, and marrying others, can Robert and Eseld find love again, in the midst of the turbulence of England's spy service during the French Revolution? 

Here is an excerpt as they try:

Eseld finished her punch and looked away.

“I was being friendly with the viscount, on a purely decent

level, on my part.”

“I’m worried about you. Men can take advantage.

As in being purely mercenary.” Robert’s emotion rose to the

surface, rawer than he wished. “I want you to be very


“I’m aware of greedy men. And I’m not

romantically involved, if that’s what concerns you.”

She didn’t sound angry, more a question. A yearning?

“Are you collecting friends or inquiring where you

should not?” He toned down his rhetoric, not wishing to

upset her.

“That again. You think me foolish, or incapable.”

Her reply was soft despite what she stated. She didn’t

deny her motives.

He moved closer. His heartbeat thudded; was she

investigating a possible spy as he first surmised? “You

are one of the most capable women I know. Please,

confide in me.” They appeared to still dance around one

another—this time with words.

She turned and faced him. “I don’t want us to be at

odds.” She paused for a moment and lightly touched his

stock. “Is that all you seek, me to confide? Am I but a

contrary girl who must be guided by you?”

“Truthfully, as we were always truthful in our

youth, I want to kiss you.” He cupped her upper arms

and couldn’t believe he’d said that aloud. Her jasmine

perfume invaded his senses. “Pardon my boldness. I’m

not of your station anymore, am I?”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” she whispered. “But

aren’t you still in mourning?”

Is the notorious spy tracking them even at Truro's famous assembly rooms?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Meet my Wicked Villain from To Entice a Spy


Today I blog about Pierre, my first Villainous POV. It was fun to write a character who doesn't have to follow the rules, though he does have a motive for his wicked ways.

Visit my blog post on Brenda Whiteside's blog.

Enjoy Pierre's first scene as he surveys the people he wishes to destroy in the name of Equality during the French Revolution.

I might need to write more villains, and get deep into their points of view, I so enjoyed being Wicked. Of course, my villain gets his just desserts at the end.

Can their love overcome dangerous obstacles? by Diane Scott Lewis

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