Saturday, May 27, 2023

A best selling author loves Outcast Artist in Bretagne, by Diane Scott Lewis


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USA Today Best selling author, Maggi Andersen, wrote this review:

"Passion and danger in war-torn Brittany! A riveting read!
A different take on a popular genre. A French village in war time. A young Englishwoman finds herself in occupied Brittany and in love with a German officer. He has his own plans which makes for a thrilling read. Very emotive and well written. The Brittany villagers are great characters too. I wasn't sure how it would end until the last page."


Unwed and pregnant, Norah Cooper flees England to hide with her cousin in Brittany before Germany’s 1940 invasion. After her baby is stillborn, she's trapped under the Occupation. Norah consoles herself by sketching wildlife. When she’s caught near the coast, she comes under scrutiny of the German commandant, Major August von Gottlieb.

August loathes what Hitler is doing to his country and France but is duty-bound to control the people in his jurisdiction. The young Englishwoman piques his interest. Is she a spy? He asks her to sketch his portrait so he might uncover the truth.

Soon, their relationship evolves into a passion neither can deny. He plans to sabotage a major war machine of the Reich, while she secretly helps the Resistance. Will their love ruin her and end in heartbreak?

Or will they overcome the odds and survive the surging threats.

Diane lives in Western Pennsylvania with her husband and one naughty dachshund.

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